Princess Aurora is the first child born to the King and Queen. Joyous in their good fortune they plan a large event for her. Invitations are sent to six fairies of the land who all represent traits, like beauty, courage, and sweetness, the royal couple would like bestowed as gifts to their child.

When the party is underway a seventh fairy who was not invited appears and demands to know why she was not invited. Not being appeased by anything they say or do the evil fairy casts a spell on the child. The princess will receive all her gifts from the fairies while growing up.

On the day of her sixteenth year, the princess will prick her finger on a spindle and die. A graceful fairy, who has not had a chance to bestow her gift, alters the evil fairies curse reducing it to a century old sleep, only broken by the kiss of a handsome prince.
A£ 25.00A
B£ 25.00B
C£ 25.00C
D£ 25.00D
E£ 25.00E
F£ 25.00F
G£ 25.00G
H£ 20.00H
I£ 20.00I
J£ 20.00J
K£ 20.00K
L£ 20.00L
M£ 20.00M
N£ 20.00N
O£ 20.00O
P£ 20.00P
Q£ 20.00Q
R£ 15.00R
S£ 15.00S
T£ 15.00T
U£ 15.00U
V£ 15.00V
W£ 15.00W
X£ 15.00X
Y£ 15.00Y
Z£ 15.00Z
AA£ 15.00AA
BB£ 15.00BB
DD£ 15.00DD
EE£ 15.00EE
FF£ 15.00FF
GG£ 15.00GG
HH£ 15.00HH
II£ 15.00II